i saw the face swallow an evening sky
as i lit up the candle, and watched the sun go down
she sighed and i cried. lied right next to me and died
this beautiful woman of mine. forever lied


the round scrub of hate
pale brown drops of yale
lil kiss and kid playing games
the warm forest, my whole in flames


i am the goon that never grew
this cold saphire burning low
i am the ghost and the rain
plotting fear for more fame


tender ignite. Heels on ice
Blue songs and highs. My honey bright eyes
Throw out the towel. Soak in my ire
Sing out desire. Curl in my fire


the days seemed to move so fast
and the nights all evened out
memories falling high and low
like birds at night. so silent. so cold


a beautiful blog in blue
sad pastures so true
i am so sorry i said this to you
but this pain, i can't let go

I am sorry labyrinths. And i am sorry heretic


down goes the water balloon,
this fallen angel of tiring glow
long have these winters cried
tears, wishing you never die